We will be hosting our FINAL SLEEPOUT this Sunday, December 6th.  Joining us this week will be Reverend Yearwood, President and CEO of The Hip Hop Caucus! Rally begins at 3PM at Boston Common across from the Statehouse.

The next morning, plenty of fun stuff:

Hopefully you know that Monday, December 7th is the first day of the international climate negotiations at Copenhagen.  You may be wondering what’s happening in good ol’ Massachusetts to raise awareness?  Look no further then the LC:

On Monday, Representative Brownsberger will be filing our bill, An Act to Re-power Massachusetts, in the House.  It calls on the Governor to create a task force that will create a plan to get us to 100% clean electricity by 2020.

ALSO on Monday, participants from the LC will be performing a direct action with real solar panels (3 feet by 5 feet!!) and wind turbines (8 feet tall!!!) in front of the Statehouse to raise awareness of our bill.  We, regular citizens of Massachusetts, are ready to get to work to begin our war on climate disruption.  We want the state legislature to take notice. This action may result in arrests.

The Governor’s office has gotten back to us on what his administration is prepared to do with renewable and clean energy.  We are double checking our numbers, but trust me friends, it ain’t pretty.  His office thought it would be great for us to publicly announce our support for his offerings.  Unfortunately, we cannot do that with the numbers he gave us.

It is time for us to LEAD.  We are The Leadership Campaign for a reason.  We have asked the Governor to lead, and he hasn’t – so we are going to the state legislature.  The participants of the LC are ready to lead.  We are ready to get to work and re-power this state.  If the Governor is not ready to lead, then we, participants of the LC will.  We will make sure that Massachusetts does not fall victim to “politics as usual” and we succeed in a clean energy revolution.

When I get the word to publicly disclose what the Patrick Administration offered, you will read it first here.

I said this yesterday, and I will say it here:

Friends, this ain’t bunnies and lollipops anymore.  It’s about time we get serious.

For life as we know it, and for growing some balls to make up for those who haven’t,

Dan Abrams

Boston & New Media Coordinator

The Leadership Campaign