Jay’s post was nothing short than brilliant.  Mine….won’t be so reflective, but rather an announcement on what we have accomplished.


Craig says I can’t swear.  If I was going to swear…THIS WOULD BE WHERE I WOULD BE DOING IT!! I could end the post right here!! For only a 7 week campaign, having a bill introduced in the state legislature is nothing short of incredible.

The bill is named: An Act to Create a Repower Massachusetts Emergency Task Force and was introduced on the 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the first day of international climate negotiations in Copenhagen.

Fast facts:

-by Friday December 11th, there were 17 cosponsors (including the legislators that filed it) in both the house AND senate

-bill creates a task force to propose ways to get the Commonwealth to 100% clean electricity by Jan 1st, 2020

-task force is headed by the Secretary for Energy and Environment Affairs and has a body of 3 state commissioners, the global warming house and senate committee chairs, and a delegate from eight different “communities” including areas such as business, renewable energy, environmental justice…etc.

-bill gives the task force six months to create said proposals

-bill maintains an active advisory council until the target of 100% clean electricity is completed.

100% is possible. 100% is necessary.  Once this task force makes its proposals, we’ll be able to go to legislators and show them concrete evidence and convince them that 100% is the only way out of this mess known as climate disruption.

The Leadership Campaign is suspended until next semester.  January 4th-10th is our winter retreat, in which we will gather and formulate next steps for the campaign.  We will come back in 2010 even stronger.  I promise!

Unfortunately, I will not be – I will be studying abroad in Costa Rica for the spring semester.  But you best believe, I will be coming back May 14th and jumping right back in.  Scouts honor.

For life as we know it,

Dan Abrams

Boston & New Media Coordinator

The Leadership Campaign 2009