I have spent the past week trying to organize some of the Worcester community to call Representative Benienda’s office to ask him to continue his support for “An Act To Create A Repower Massachusetts Emergency Taskforce.” This bill aims to create a taskforce to look at how Massachusetts can achieve 100% renewable energy within a decade. This legislation will set Massachusetts on the path to seriously addressing the problem of climate change. Representative Benienda supported our call for a 100% renewable energy late last year and was very encouraging. I am  proud and humbled by politicians like John Benienda who act upon their ideals and wish to use their positions to actually serve the interests of the many and improve their lives. President Obama talked about a new kind of politics in his State Of The Union Speech last week and Representative Benienda demonstrates this new kind of politician, one who is more concerned with the urgent issues that face our Commonwealth rather than the game of politics and career moves. He has ignored the game of petty politics and political divisions which have inhibited progress for so long. Mr. Benienda I wish to sincerely thank you for you leadership and your willingness to act on your ideals. I will make sure your commitment does not go unnoticed in the Worcester Area.

I have a meeting with Mr. Benienda this Friday February 5th at 11 am where several local constituents who are very active on issues surrounding energy and the environment will be present. At this meeting, we will be asking Mr. Benienda to release “An Act Create A Repower Massachusetts Emergency Taskforce” from the House Committee On Rules. As the chair of this committee, Mr. Benienda has the power to release the bill by himself. I feel very confident that Mr. Benienda will support this important legislation and I look forward to meeting with him.

If you agree with Mr. Benienda on his support of this bill, and live in the Worcester Area, can you call his office at (617) 722-2692 and thank him for his support of “An Act To Create A Repower Massachusetts Emergency Taskforce” and encourage him to continue his support?

Please forward to anyone you know in the Worcester Area

Noah Greenstein

Worcester Legislative Coordinator

The Leadership Campaign