Earlier this week, I woke up at an hour I have not seen in a very long time. At 6 am, I got on the commuter rail heading in to Boston to go visit the Boston Municipal Court. This feeling was not new to me, waking up early, being tired and heading in to Boston. It reminded of the seven weeks I spent going in and out of Boston because I believed that our way of life and our planet was in danger because of climate change. This belief, coincidentally, was the reason why I was heading to court: five counts of trespassing on the Boston Commons as part of a seven week sleepout to get Massachusetts to repower with 100% clean electricity. This day in court was not like any other normal day. Today, about 30 individuals who probably never had any other problems with the law and had clean records, were all going before the Assistant Court Magistrate because like me, they faced charges of trespassing on the Boston Commons. The consensus among the people present that day was that any charges they faced under the legal system were nothing compared to the dangers that face the world because of global warming. Therefore, they felt that the charge of trespass was justified, if they could bring attention to the dangers of global warming. Luckily, all the charges were dropped and everyone only had to pay a fine. I say only a fine, but I walked out of court that day 250$ down. But the question I will ask it that, the legal system knows how to deal with people who trespass on the Boston Commons, but does it know how to deal with the thousands of people who could no longer have homes when sea levels rise? or will it know how to deal with the global water shortages that could affect millions of people because of rising temperatures? I know it is easy to dismiss our efforts as radical and naïve but really think about how our system of law and society can handle the problems that global warming could create if we don’t take drastic action now. Would you call people radical because they broke the law to highlight these dangers or would you rather take drastic action now to prevent these problems from happening? I vote for the latter.