From October 24th to December 7th, I was always tired, overwhelmed, and worried. During that time I gave up my bed and basically any free time I had to fight for the future of the earth by asking Massachusetts to repower with 100% clean electricity within a decade. The world is burning and we decided to take a stand. Those seven weeks were probably the craziest I ever had in my life, it was my first semester in college, and ever spare minute I had, was taken up by something. However, I would not give up any of it nor do I wish I had more time to party. Every minute I spent working on the “Leadership Campaign” made Massachusetts one step closer to repowering with 100% clean electricity. All that work is now on the line. Our bill “An Act to Create a Repower Massachusetts Emergency Taskforce” is going through the committee process. We have approximately two weeks to get the bill through the committee process otherwise it might get lost in the budget process that begins in late February. My fellow sleepout participants, please hear this. You just went to court and paid a substantial fine because you believed there was a problem that needed to be addressed. Please remember that belief and let it re-inspire you. The campaign needs your help now, every action and all the time you spent on the campaign is concluding on these next two weeks. We need to call our legislators and get this bill through the committee process ASAP. Call them, visit them, tell everyone to do the same, we need to give them a reason and the support they need to support our bill. These next two weeks could be the most important in determining your future on this planet and whether the next generation will still have one. Please take action, your future depends on it.