HAPPY EARTH DAY! Or as happy as we can be without the release of our bill. It being earth day, there will be exciting events going on today surrounding our bill, An Act to Create a Repower Massachusetts Emergency Task Force . All day today I will be live blogging to keep you in the loop of what is going on if you are unable to join our efforts in the statehouse. Keep coming back for more updates.

Today we will be addressing both extremes, those who have shown the courage to lead within the statehouse, and those who still need the extra push to do so. At 10am this morning we will have the Climate Courage Awards on the Grand Staircase of the Statehouse. Afterward we will be lobbying those who lack the courage to lead the state in sufficiently addressing climate change. We will be here all day if you are able to join. I will post a meeting place once it is known for those who are joining throughout the day for you to find me for more information before lobbying.

Please come join if you can and if you can’t call your representative and Representative John Binienda. He is the Chairman of the House Committee on Rules, where our bill is currently being withheld from receiving its proper hearing.

Important Information

Myself: Katie Chin, 614-915-7297 

Meeting place: 3rd floor Statehouse Library (back of statehouse)

Binienda’s Office: 617-722-2692 

Media contact: Jono Rosenthal, 510-290-2063


(In reverse chronological order)

1:30 Group leaves office and regroups at The Church on the Hill to decide what’s next. Read the post on It’s Getting Hot In Here detailing the events, with video.


1:05 Jamaica Kelley just got out of a meeting with Speaking Deleo and his constituents from the First Church of Winthrop. He stated that he wants Massacusetts to be a leader and we’ll find out this afternoon if he’s willing to push the bill.

1:00 Eugene joins the troops. Now 8 people of round two after first round escorted out by security. Kayla posts about the Climate Awards on our blog.

12:40 Miguel becomes 7th student to join the stand-in. No word on phone call with binienda. More are coming to join soon to keep the pressure on Binienda. We need this bill.

12:20 Lucas enters the office. Currently in office: Craig, Mino, Heather, Isaac, and Jonathon. Waiting for binienda to get on the phone. Office claims its not possible.

12:00 Isaac and Jonathon both enter the office.

11:45 Craig was in the hallway when this occurs. Re enters the office.

11:45 Group asked to leave by officers. Leave the office peacefully.

11:40 Officers still pacing the hallway. Mino and Heather join the group in Binienda’s office.

11:30 Matt joins. Univision, a Spanish News Channel is interviewing Rachel from Brandeis in Spanish and the Boston Globe Blog both interview Craig while in Bininda’s office.

11:20 Dominique and Mike join Craig, Liz, and Gabe in Representative Binienda’s office.

11:15 Officer just stepped in and walked out.

11:10 – Legislative aid says he was here earlier today and he left for the day. Currently he is in a meeting. The group of three will remain in the office until he is finished with his meeting. There was a reporter there from the Worcester Telgram and Gazette.

11:00 – Lobby day begins. Students visiting their respective representatives from their districts. Group of three enter Representative Binienda’s office asking to meet with the chairman today in person or on the phone to talk about the status of the bill.

10:00 – Climate awards beginning!
Awards given to:
SUSAN LABANDIBAR, President of the sustainable business network

9:00– Lobby Training begins, Boston Common

7:30 – Wake up, pack up tents from The Courage to Lead Sleepout