Today we, The Leadership Campaign, started off our Earth Day honoring some of our legislative and community partners that have had the courage to lead. We did this by holding the first ever Climate Courage Awards. The ceremony was held in front of the grand stair case in the Massachusetts State House with supporters and student leaders of the campaign filling every seat.

As everything that happens in The Leadership Campaign the award ceremony was nothing less than interesting and inspiring. We were not only able to recognize the tremendous leadership that legislatives such as Gloria Fox, Marc Pacheco, and of course Williams Brownsberger have demonstrated, but we were also able to show our immense gratitude for some of the community support we’ve received.

With an immensely heart felt introduction by Marla Marcum, the Leadership Campaign presented a Courage Award to the First Church of Winthrop United Methodist, who, I’m sure you all remember, have helped us time and time again. Whether it be housing 40 of us for a week long retreat in January or supporting us during our Winthrop events, or even delivering our dear colleague letter to Representative DeLeo, it’s known with out a doubt that community support like this is one of the main reasons our campaign has gotten as far as it has.

As a fellow student a part of this campaign it meant a lot to me to be able to thank such leaders. As a student in general it meant a lot to me to be able to thank these kinds of leaders for teaching me and setting an example. As a Massachusetts resident, born and raised, it meant a lot to me to see my representatives and my fellow citizens acknowledged for all of the good that they’re doing. But most importantly as a person who truly cares about the state of this world it meant a lot to me to be able to thank these leaders for giving me hope that we can and will do this.