WMHSJSF. Yes, we know it’s a tongue twister :). Several weeks ago, a group of high school students realized that there college was about to end, and SJSF would probably become less productive over the summer, because many of the college students are not from the state. So, we made a subgroup of SJSF, called Western Massachusetts High Schoolers for a Just and Stable Future. So far we have had 2 awesome meetings, and we will be meeting weekly between now and the 23rd, (the probable date for our next sleep-out!), and bi-weekly throughout the summer. We started as a small group of just a few people, but have grown to nearly 20 regularly attending members and, according to our Facebook page, 46 high schoolers who are interested! Right now we are working on getting local sponsors, to help us host events and do other things to increase SJSF membership, and set the Leadership Campaign on firm ground to kick off powerfully in the fall.

Our very first event, as I said earlier, will be a sleep out on the Amherst Commons! Everyone who is interested is welcome to join us! We do not have a confirmed date in place at present, as the permit applications are still being dealt with, but I will update you as soon as we know for sure. It is still in the planning stages, but there will probably be live music, a rally, and a protest at the site of the proposed Russell biomass plant, along with planning and brainstorming sessions. And games of course! What would a sleep-out be without kickball? Also, it will be entirely legal, so no worries about citations or other repercussions.

The next piece of big news is that we just got our own blog! You can come check it out! our plan is to update it every few days, but and if you have anything you would like to write, go for it!

Finally, we are always looking for to build membership, so if you are interested, or you know someone who is, you are welcome to stop by at our next meeting, or tell your friends to! It will be on Sunday the 30th, probably at 4:00, and the location is TBA, although likely Belchertown. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions for the group, we would love to hear them! You can email me at skijon@comcast.net , or post a comment to this post. Thanks!