With darkened skies, pouring rain, and a limited number of tents to share, some might have thought it insane to pitch a camp and even consider sleeping out last Friday night. For my part however, I could not think of better conditions under which to hold a rally. What better way to show one’s commitment both to the cause as well as to his or her fellow campaign members than by coming together and demonstrating on a night in which most people would prefer to not even step outside. Despite the inclement weather, we not only succeeded in coming together but also in spreading awareness both of our cause and our campaign, all while having a good time.

Furthermore, although the sleep out itself was ultimately called off, I do not feel that this detracted from the success or effect of the demonstration in any way. By following the course which we did, we simultaneously asserted our presence in the community while also exhibiting our respect for and willingness to cooperate with the authorities. In all, this past Friday showcased the strength and commitment of a relatively young region of the campaign. If this commitment persists, there can little doubt that the Leadership Campaign and the Students for a Just and Stable Future will come to affect our state and our nation in a very positive way.