This is a copy of my speech from the Boston Common Sleepout on Earth Day

Since the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1992, We have seen a 35% increase in world wide carbon dioxide emissions.

In the year 2005 there were more named storms then in any other year.

Eight of the warmest years in recorded history have come in the last ten years.

Increased temperatures are thought to be the main cause of malaria outbreaks in the United States of America.

Our Climate is changing at a faster rate then at any point in History.

Up to 4 billion more people could face water shortages in the Next 40 years

Millions more could be exposed to Malaria and other “tropical” diseases

These are some scary numbers. We have all heard these as well as many more that tell us the tale of global warming and the effects that it has on the environment and humanity.

These numbers however do not tell the whole story.

They do not show the faces of the children that are forced to leave their homes do to rising sea levels.

They do not tell the story of the farmers that have to leave their farms because they are experiencing the worst droughts on record.

They do not tell the story of the resistance and of the people who have the courage to stand up and be leaders. We are privileged to sleep on the common and speak for those that feel that they have no voice.

We need to continue to organize, mobilize and show unity in order to carry our courage into the state house so that they can fallow us in suit.

There are many people which would rather go about their lives unchanged in the belief that they are unaffected. Climate change is a heavy challenger that rest on our shoulders. We carry the power in our voices and in our actions to overcome and change this.

Together we will create a clean stable future.