I have had some technological difficulties with all those newfangled inventions like the internet and websites, but I’ve finally figured out how to blog. While simultaneously exciting and scaring those of you who know me,  I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all some of the great things going on right now.

I want to preface all of this by admitting that I’m absolutely frightened about following up Craig’s “A Call to Arms,” but Katie Chin, the New Media Coordinator yelled at me. Also she knows the code to my room and I don’t sleep well knowing how close she is already.

Last night in Boston we had a truly fantastic event at Flann O’Brien’s near Northeastern. Existing LC members mixed with interested friends and possible friends created some hilariously tremendous moments. Getting to socialize and spend time with some of the LC members outside of campaign calls and discussions was the highlight of my month thus far (I think the Amherst sleep out will soon replace it, Sorry!). Spending time with this group of young adults who are so committed to changing the world is both inspirational and stupefying. It’s easy to forget that we are all students and young professionals while we stand in the midst of changing state-wide climate policy, but getting to know these amazing people in such a casual setting has just added to my respect and awe at what LC has been able to accomplish and what we will undoubtedly accomplish in the future.

Speaking of the future, the efforts of LC planning the Amherst event has been astonishing. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing people on the campaign in Western Mass and Worcester over the last few weeks. I can confidently say at this point that the event will be STELLAR!!!

The hard work of Liz Harris, at Clark University, Leila Quinn, at Holyoake, Eric Feldham and Martha Pskowski, at Hampshire College, and Sam Ruben, who trekked all the way from Providence, RI to offer his services, has made this event come together in a way few could have envisioned it ever would.

Representative Ellen Story, among others, is coming to show her support and offer some inspirational words! We have a great band out of Hampshire College called The Stimulus Package playing on two bicycle powered amps! Coming to this event is a fantastic way to show your support for 100% clean electricity and an even greater way to show Massachusetts state that LC is committed as ever!

Hope to see you all out there on the Amherst Common on Feb. 20th at 3pm! Look forward to seeing you all!!!

Mairead Kennelly

Events Coordinator