A month before the Amherst sleepout I had spoke with Craig about my involvement with the campaign. I let him know I was finished with school but felt the commitment with the campaign to keep going on. We acknowledged I was still a community member. I helped start the Hanover Energy Committee in 2008 with sustainable Hanover President. We had success in working with the town departments and selectmen in getting them on the same page of implementing some of the new energy policies in the state. Knowing that attracted me to work with the call for %100 clean electricity and this commonwealth challenge. We acknowledged that Sustainable South Shore would be a great endorsement. Representing the smallest region in the fall campaign I knew that was my goal. I became Southeastern outreach there and then.
Upon this I realized the chapter meeting was February 23rd in the town of Norwell. After research I realized Sustainable South Shore was a chapter of MCAN, the organization that led a march from Cambridge to the Boston Common. Knowing this it wasn’t a ‘mere pipe dream’ to gain their endorsement, but the realistic destiny I had to help acquire. Sustainable South Shore represents 16 communities south of Boston. From the city of Quincy, to home of the great American John Adams and Braintree, to home of the great orator Daniel Webster and Marshfield, it’s comprised of some of the oldest, ominous and influential  towns.  Hanover became incorporated in 1727 on June 14 as it was named in honor of the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain King George I. Hanover was incorporated 4 days after the death of King George I and represented the highest and greatest loyalty at the time. Hanover is now poised to become one of the first towns recognized as a ‘green community’ by the state for a first in the nation policy. All these towns have come along way in this ‘brave new world,’ but they remain the oldest as the ominousity remains. The air and ocean that crash the shores continues and represents the constant symbol of the south shore. The communities  of the Sustainable South Shore  are comprised of municipality members to community members from different walks of life that understand communities grow and develop when people are involved.
From the founding of this country, we’ve been individuals that have been able to challenge conventionality, we’ve been able to use our imaginations and set original traditions. My HS English teacher once said that the greatest nation in the world is the “immaggination.” I believed him as I still do. From the American Revolution, to the Civil War, to the Great Depression, People had to choose what type of America they were going to see. From seeing a campaign start and flourish and the building of community, one thing stands out in my mind of what I’ve learned. From empowering and aligning values with others I believed in our ability to influence. From believing, I’ve learned the power of trust. I’ve learned that the power of trust is real and it’s proven; that it’s faster than anything, even faster than speeding light…
The SSS meeting began at 7:00 pm.  Speaking with state-wide legislative coordinator, Jamaica she let me know she would meet me there to find constituents around Senator Morrissey’s district. We rubbed elbows with members from different communities and they were impressed by our knowledge of legislative and local advocacy. We bumped into the president and let her know that we had partnered with MCAN and had so many endorsements. The president asked if they had endorsed us yet and we replied with a grinning  “no.” She said we are endorsed there and then;  as I took it, it meant forever… With an endorsement from Sustainable South Shore comprised of talented and influential individuals we indeed have exercised our leadership. I know we are winning, because when you understand the power of trust with those around you, it represents a timeless value that truly lives. It can permeate through all people’s set traditions and catch up with the imaginations of others.
Nate Murphy
SouthEast Outreach