Hey Everyone!

On the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, we officially held a stand-in in Representative Binienda’s office to pressure him to release our bill asking for 100% Clean Electricity by 2020!!!!!!

Starting at 11:00am and continuing for over two hours, approximately 20 people entered Binienda’s office. At one point several of them were peacefully escorted out of the State House by security, but more continued to come in a few minutes later. At the end, Josh, Coordinator of the Commonwealth Challenge, came in with signed pledges of nearly 350 residents of Massachusetts to commit to reducing their home energy usage a full 5% by the end of the year.

At that moment, Mr. Binienda called Craig to discuss the bill. Mr. Binienda assured the Leadership Campaign of his plan to release the bill eventually, though he still failed to give a firm deadline for this action.
Check out the Getting Hot in Here site for more specific details and a video of the actual conversation.

At the same time, some of our members and constituents from the First Church of Winthrop met with Speaker of the House DeLeo to also discuss the status of our bill. The conversation went well and that afternoon he called one of our members who had been at the meeting to confirm his support.

Thank you to everyone who has been putting so much work into this and to everyone who was there and participated on Wednesday night and Thursday!!
Everyone in this campaign is so absolutely awesome!!!! 🙂
We are on our way to making this happen!! We can do this!!
HAPPY (slightly b-lated) EARTH DAY!!!!