So I was sitting here in the church, getting ready to get started on the staggering pile of work that I have, when I decided a blog entry would be more fun.  Also, Ian took a bunch of fantastic pictures, and we decided they should be up for all to see.

First, I will address last week a little bit.

  • Friday night, we had pizza delivered straight to our tent door.  It was awesome.
  • Saturday night (last night) it snowed and we slept in a winter wonderland.  There was a snowball fight, and hot cocoa, and all sorts of merriment.  We also took part in the ancient Tufts tradition of painting the cannon.  It was awesome.



Photos from the sleep out and police citations.



Leadership Campaign Environment Rally on Boston Common

Leadership Campaign Environment Rally on Boston Common

Leadership Campaign Environment Rally on Boston Common

Leadership Campaign Environment Rally on Boston Common

Leadership Campaign Environment Rally on Boston Common

Leadership Campaign Environment Rally on Boston Common

All photos by Ian MacLellan

James Hansen is sleeping in our tent!




Hey folks,

So after a week of sleeping out, we seem to have things down and running more or less smooth. So in light of this, we’re moving on to Phase 2 of the Tufts Leadership Campaign effort: growing to an astounding and frankly ridiculous size. We are still experimenting a bit on the best way to grow, but we have some promising things planned, and a few tricks up our sleeves to make our peers come out in droves.

So anyways, I thought I’d throw a few pictures up of our beautiful SO site, timeline fashion.
Thursday Night Site
This set up housed twelve or so extremely comfortably. We had the Tufts’ Engineers Without Boarders group out that night and they were super cool. You can see clearly in the picture three of our tents: Mama on the right, Ducky on the left, and Edith in the back.
Halloween Night
Saturday night, Halloween, we set up early and offered candy to passersby if they took pictures with our sign. A quick shout out to Drew, our Saturday Night Coordinator, who braved the Halloween hecklers and kept our Sleep Out streak alive. What a G.
Sunday Night
Sunday night, was of course, eventful. The lovely 3am visit was interesting to say the least. The policeman who woke us up proceeded to guess at our weight and question our PJs. All in all, nice guys though. Except for the one who made fun of my footies. Not cool, man.
Monday Night
Last night was another great night on the quad. Peaceful, uninterrupted, and blissful sleep. There were eleven of us and two tents out. We’re all getting really excited because we have a few amazing events planned and a couple large groups signed up this week to sleep out, so we may have the opportunity to break out some of the unused tents and name them as well.

So anyways, that’s what we at Tufts have been up to since our last post. Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall weather and I can’t wait to see you all (and more) on Sunday!


ps, all pictures were taken by our one and only Ian Maclellan.

Here are the pictures we took last night:
It was a fairly quiet night, there were five of us snuggled in one tent…and yes, the rather blurry pictures are of someone “sleeping up” in a hammock connected to a tall tree. It was very windy and wet and took him about 45 minutes to get the hammock up there and himself in it. But he was determined. It was very entertaining for us in the tent, we just opened the window flap and watched the whole thing. So much better than TV (and our entertainment required NO electricity).
Suzanne and Heather!



First Sleep Out (10/24/2009)

The pioneers of Tufts sleep outs after triumphantly setting up tarps and tents in the rain

As of this Saturday, October 24, the Tufts Leadership Campaign is up and running! We are off to a great start; we held our first sleep out Saturday night, braving the rain and the winds, and we actually managed to stay dry and cozy thanks to Mama MAPS, our gigantic 8+ person tent. Then, last night we headed off to Boston Commons for our first state-wide sleep out, setting up our tents in front of the State House with students and community members from all across Massachusetts. We’re happy to be getting started and excited to get more of the Tufts community involved in the coming weeks. We’ll be on the Academic Quad every Monday through Saturday (Sundays in Boston Commons), so we hope to see you out there! Email and come join us!